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Sarah Eagle, Joomla website specialist hand-crafted websites
bespoke Joomla! templates

Simple websites

Typesetter CMS (Content Management System) is brilliant for smaller, simple sites. If it's OK for only one admin to be logged in at a time and you don't need to have any other users, this could work for you.

It's super fast and very easy to use, with a True WYSIWYG and options to add on blogs with comments, slideshows, galleries, extra forms and Social Media feeds.

You can use it to create a very simple shop with PayPal buttons, connect a Mailchimp newsletter or link to an eventBrite event.

Prices start at £599 for a site using default template with colour customisation to suit your logo / branding, to around £1,250 if you'd like a bespoke design and template.


More complex sites

If you need something a little more complicated: maybe you want to allow users to login to access other information, integrate a newsletter system, publish / unpublish items automatically, publish blog posts to Joomla!, Twitter and Facebook in one go, publish integrated events or have a multi-lingual site, then we'll probably use Joomla!

Joomla! is an award-winning CMS that powers millions of websites with over 7,000 extensions, and it's very easy to customise to what you need.

Prices start at £675 for the starter package using default template with colour customisation to suit your logo / branding and £1,750 for the plus package (Joomla! plus some super helpful extensions installed for you) with a bespoke design and template. Each extension will need to be costed individually and they can be anywhere from £45 to roughly £2,000.


eCommerce & Selling Online

There are a few different eCommerce solutions available for Joomla! And I can help with the search to find the right one for you.

Prices start at Around £300 for the simplest option to around £1,000 - £2,000 on average, depending how how much layout work or tailoring is required.

Whatever option you choose, you'll be able to login, add images, change your menus, pages and meta data, have a contact form, a responsive template and a free SSL certificate.

I'll set up the home page, accessibility page and up to 3 other pages of your choosing and you get up to 15 mins of amendments.


Extra Costs

Normally one initial meeting and one design concept is fine. If you need more of either, it's not a problem, but will obviously increase your costs.

If I'm doing a bespoke design for you, then changing your mind after I've built it will add to your cost as I'll need to redo work.

As a general rule of thumb, the more extensions you have, the higher the cost of setting up your site initially and the higher the ongoing costs to keep them up-to-date.


Ongoing costs

Using a "ready made" CMS can drastically reduce the costs of a website build, but you will need to keep it up-to-date so it's as secure as it can be.

I offer a monthly support contract that starts at £50 for standard Joomla! sites and £75 for Joomla! with an eCommerce extension. Other extensions are usually £10 or £20 each depending on their complexity.

You'll also need hosting for your site and that costs £139 per annum for Joomla & £115 for Typesetter sites.