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You know the feeling - something's terribly wrong with your site, and you just can't sort it out. You know that for every second it's down you could be losing sales.

Or perhaps it just needs a few tweaks, there's something not aligning correctly, or you just need some colours changing, but you can't get at - or understand the code.

Whether you need minor adjustments or a full-on Web "ER" service, Sarah Eagle Designs has the ability to work with existing sites to fix them quickly and effectively wherever possible.

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I've been hacked and my site is down!

You can get hacked for a variety of reasons; maybe your passwords aren't secure enough or you haven't updated your site or extensions for a while.

We can sort out your Joomla! site and get your site back to how it should be usually within 24hrs.

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Fixing your website design / layout

Do you have a few layout issues that really bug you - your headings to small or is something not aligning just quite right? If you can't access or understand the code - we can.

In the past we have been called in to fix broken layouts for Heathrow Airport and 118.

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Fixing generated HTML & CSS to work properly

Had some nice cheap HTML & CSS generated for your site that looks brilliant on the html page supplied but doesn't work when applied to your website?

We can certainly help out with this on almost any website, not just a Joomla! one.

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Need to make your Joomla! Website Responsive?

But want to keep your existing desgn, or maybe just freshen it up a little at the same time?

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Fixing Joomla! & Joomla! extensions configuration issues

Got a problem with your Joomla! installation? Is it just not working right?

We can investigate and offer suitable options or try to fix the problem.

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Passing Accessibility Standards

Need to get your site to pass Accessibility Standards, but struggling with the techniques and technical information?

We've had a lot of experience in getting sites to pass Accessibility tests and can help you get through them. With some easy pointers you can ensure that your content always stays accessible to everyone.

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So What's the Cost Then?

Building and fixing websites can be likened to building a restoring a home; the older it is, the more problems you are likely to encounter and so the higher the cost. If your Joomla! website is old, it maybe that a good old upgrade of it and your extensions, is all that is required. If you choose not to upgrade your site to the latest versions then you may end up paying more in the long run.

Because of the unkown nature of this type of work, the "Fix It" service is charged at an hourly rate. You can buy your hours up-front to make sure you know how much you are going to spend, although we cannot guarantee to fix your issue in the time you have bought. If we have not worked on your site before we will need to audit it first to see if we are able to help.

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