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Sarah Eagle, Joomla website specialist hand-crafted websites
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Once we've finished building your Joomla! or GPeasy website you may need a bit of extra help. Sarah Eagle Designs can come over to your premises to give you some individual tuition. Unlike other support where you just follow a pre-written document, we'll actually sit down with you and go through your list of what you need to learn.

If you're not already client and you're having a bit of difficulty with keeping your site up-to-date or making it look just how you want it to, we can usually help too, however, we will need to run an audit on your site to check it over first. 

One-to-One support is charged on an hourly rate + travel and is invoiced after each session. Sessions are a maximum of 3 hours long with a up to 2 trainees.

 Call or email for one-to-one support