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Bespoke Joomla! Templates, Custom Virtuemart / Redshop Templates & Unique GPeasy Themes

Glam and gorgeous, fun and funky, high-tech, corporate or rugged and raw...

Whatever your brand says about you - make sure it's translated through a template design that upholds your brand values and emphasises your key points.

I design and build all sorts of templates for all sorts of solutions; including custom themes for Weebly websites, bespoke Joomla! templates, custom Virtuemart templates and J2Store or other eCommerce templates, and can also adjust other extension templates/css/html so that any incongruous design or colours are removed and the template blends seamlessly with your main design.

Listening to what you like (and don't like!) is important to produce a template that fits in with your existing brand and is perfect for your target audience, I design for your customers and you first.

All templates are fast, lightweight, built using the latest CSS techniques, are HTML5, responsive and follow accessibility guidelines

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PSD/PNG designs to HTML & CSS

If you already have a design created by your designer, but don't have the technical know-how to turn it into a template, we can take that design document and create all the necessary CSS & HTML for your website. It will be clean code that is pertinent to your website and will work whatever content is entered.

In the past we have been called in to fix code that has been created by other companies offering quick and cheap CSS & HTML generation, that just doesn't work when applied to real-life websites.


Tweaks to an existing Joomla! template

If you've already got your template installed, but you just need a few tweaks or a bit of a facelift we can help with that too. Here are a few 'before and afters' of websites we've amended where the client just needed a freshen-up.


What's the cost of a bespoke template?

Well, we really need to speak with you first to see what you need, but prices start at around £600 for a custom GPeasy design concept + theme and around £800 for a bespoke Joomla! design concept + template.

So if you're fed up of the same old template, that looks like every other template out there...



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