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The Meat Kitchen

Small, simple website

This site needed to be up and running quickly, and is about as straightforward as a website gets.

So no fuss, no unnecessary extras, just clear information and a design using based on their logo that I created a few years ago for them.

A simple, small site for yoga teachers

Pete & Cori already had a free website that they had built themselves using one of the free website buidlers, but decided it was time for a more professional look to reflect their growing expertise.

After a chat they decided to go with a dark site - did you know it uses less energy? We used the same dark blue and very small amounts of the pale blue to tie in the logo, and I suggested the bright red to lift it. We've kept the layout restrained, to keep things looking sophisticated while the illustrations of Pete & Cori add a dash of their personality. 

Dark, atmospheric events

The Wild Hare Club had outgrown their first simple blog website; now they need to incorporate their event information and performer profiles as well.

I set up some of Joomla's Custom Fields with a bespoke layout so they can easily add all the details for their events without worrying what it will look like. Everything just works for them. The only design decision is choosing the colour of the event box to fit in with photo.

Jaz Asbury

Talented blacksmith's portfolio and online store

To keep costs down we bought a template for Jaz, that was then tweaked to suit his needs. He wanted something simple and upmarket. 

In the portfolio area Jaz just adds the images to the page and the gallery and slideshow is created automatically for him.

Kotlich Cooking

Wimsical, playful eCommerce Joomla site

Trish wanted her homepage to be full and have impact, whilst still having a sense of whimsy. Using handwritten fonts and irregular elements we've given it a more informal feel than you usually see on an online shop.

Each section: J2Store products, the recipies and Trish's blog have their own bespoke layouts set up for Trish, so everything is consistent without her needing to think about it. 

The main product - the Kotlich Kit cleverly offers you different accessories depending on what Kotlich choice you make.

Hereford River Carnival

Fun & colour for a local non-profit

This Hereford based organisation needed a website that was fun, colourful and easy to find information quickly.

We needed to make sure both the blue bridge logo and the dragonfly illustration were integrated into the main template used on each page and that images could be uploaded at the correct size with automatically created thumbnails to make things easy as possible for the admins.