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Case Studies

This website had been fairly recently bought by it's new owner and looked OK, but it needed a few colour tweaks and layout changes. The owner did not want to change things too much.

  • We changed the colours from the primary yellow and green with grey, to the more sophisticated olive and yellow with a strong almost black
  • The first thing people read on the site was the date, the logo was on top of the horses image and was even hidden on some devices
    We changed this so that the logo to the very top of site and was clearly visible at all times and on all screen sizes
  • The main navigation was  a bit too long to read easily so we condensed the menu items and moved the members login to its own tab
  • The site did not have any <h1>s on any of the pages, so these were added as they are very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • The site used the free Joomla template JD Atlanta and so these changes were quite easy for me to implement

My Horse Network before My Horse Network after